woensdag 5 november 2008

I've been tagged!

I just opened my mailbox and I found out that Alice tagged me. Wow, I'm very honored!

This is what I need to do:
Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link their blogs. Let them know they're tagged by leaving a message on their blogs.

So here we go with my random or weird things:

1. I love my work, it's more than work to me, it's my 3th baby!

2. I hate doing homework, I can't get no satisfaction out of it. When I got things clean and neat it's a mess within a few hours...but I like things neat :-)

3. I love to play with paint, cracklepaint, puffypaint, edgedistresser and all the other stuf wich make a mess :-)

4. I love to travel but I don't need fancy hotels or resorts. I'm the happiest when we make a roadtrip and really don't care if it's by tent or motorhome (uh, I must be honest right? I do like travel with a motorhome by far but it's so expensive). When I don't travel I read about travelers (Is that weird or not *lol*)

5. I like to watch next top models, csi, grey's anatomy and so you think you can dance.

6. I've got my car license in 3 times , my truck licence in 2 times and I have my motorcycle license the first time. So practice will do the trick haha.

7. I'm an evening person. I'm so not a morning person.

I tag these talented girls: Veronica, Odetta, Anja, Peter, Marjan, Åshild en Ingrid

4 opmerkingen:

Alice zei

Hihihihi, leuk dat je mee gedaan hebt.

marjan zei

Hoi Marianne
Wat leuk dat je aan mij hebt gedacht !
Ik ga er eens even over nadenken:)

Odetta's Scrap-walk-in-closet zei

Hoi Marianne,
Ik vind het ook erg supergrappig.
Ik wist niet dat dit bestond.
Ook ik moet nog even nadenken.
Ik ben bang dat dit wel in het weekend wordt.
Morgen na het werk naar mijn ouders. Daar blijf ik slapen en dan vrijdag samen met mijn moeder naar "help" de KreaDoe-beurs in Utrecht.
Anyway, heel attent dat je ook aan mij gedacht hebt. Ik voel me zeer vereerd. Groetjes, Odetta

Romy zei

Wat leuk dat je bent getagged:) En ook de ontvangers hebben het zeker verdiend.