donderdag 31 maart 2011

Total Request

Deze lay-out is gemaakt n.a.v. sket 245 van Scrapbook challenges. Als je op de foto klikt zie je een grotere weergave. Ik heb oa. de nieuwe fabric thickers (ze zijn echt heel leuk, met een klein motiefje) en rode strasssteentjes bebruikt. De sterren zijn uit dessinpapier geknipt en de journaling is weer geprint en in reepjes geknipt.

I made this lay-out with sketch 245 from scrapbook challenges. Please click on the photo to see a larger layout. I used the new fabric thickers and red strassstones. I cut the stars out dessinpapers and the journaling is printed and cut into strips. The journaling says:
Everybody told us not to crowded, the roads are too bad (20 cm. of snow was fallen). But we still went anyway.
The plan was to do some shopping first and go to the 'glass house' afterwards but we didn't come so far because we saw the soundcheck of Marco Borsato (dutch singer) on the big stage. We find a good spot on the side of the stage (between the mac Donalds and the C&A. First you didn't like it...too cold. You were a little grumpy but when Alan Clack got on stage you forgot that you were frozen. We danced and danced. Because it was cold (it really was) but also because we o so like his funky music. His father performed also and you liked that o so much. After that we were really frozen but o it was so much fun to share this with you, your father and your brother.

2 opmerkingen:

Lean zei

mooi lootje en echt een sketch voor jouw kan je lekker veel journal kwijt.

Romy zei

Wat een stoere layout! Super! Hele mooie uitwerking van de sketch!